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Dear Hilltop...

Over the years, we've received many enthusiastic letters  from grateful parents. Here are excerpts from some of those letters:

"Although it has been only five months since they started, there has been a real change in my children, most particularly the older child. She has more confidence in herself, and others; her manners have improved, she is more affectionate, tolerant, she has become independent in many ways, such as quietly and quickly dressing herself each morning. These incidents, you will remark are trivial, and would certainly happen in the normal course of things, but I have yet to observe any child obey their parent(s) instantly and without question when it concerns little things such as picking up toys after play. It is amazing how they learn to co-operate willingly with their teachers and the group, this developing into amiable, sociable persons. We have seen, to our immense gratification, expressions of complete contentment and happiness on our children's faces, not at home, but at Hilltop."

Mrs. A. Koning

"My son has been attending the Hilltop Day Nursery for almost three years now and I firmly believe he is happier there than he would be if he was kept at home every day... My son will start school this fall and he is more than ready for it due to the training he has had at Nursery School."

 Mrs. G.M. Blake

"Within a month after starting Nursery School I could see a great change in my son. His eating habits were greatly improved, he was learning to share his toys, play properly with other children and he also started to show more of an interest in his picture books not just to look at the pictures but to understand the story they were telling."

Mrs. H. Bass

"Had I known before what the group supervision and school could do, my son would have been at The Centre the moment he was old enough. He has learned to mix with other children and obeys far more readily. Each day brings something new with him and I never stop to wonder if he is being properly looked after or wandering off as was the case with day care. Twice I was called home to find him and he was at the Plaza on Lawrence Avenue East. I know this cannot happen when he is at school."

Mrs. F. Youell

"When my son first entered Hilltop Nursery School, we encountered the normal fears of any parent, that our child would not like and adjust to this type of day care, but, upon Neil being taken out of school for a few months last spring, he was a very discontented child, and could not wait to return.

Mr. T. McCarthy


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